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Our content will leave you inspired and prepared to lead conversations about the latest and emerging trends in the multinational world.


Our events, which are keenly interested in the global forces at work in the marketplace, attract the multinational executives of South Florida.




Andres Graziosi • Head of Latin America & Canada, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

"WorldCity's content and programming help keep me informed about trends and issues that can affect my company and industry, and offer me a platform to access the perspectives and experience of my counterparts across different industries."



Deena Piquion • VP/GM Latin America & Caribbean, Tech Data

"I am honored and proud to participate in the CEO Club on behalf of Tech Data. The meetings provide me with a network of intelligent professionals facing similar challenges and opportunities in leading the Latin America region and a forum for us to promote thought leadership, collaboration, and support. It has made me a more effective leader and informed professional."



Roberto Mendez • President North America, Duracell

"Congratulations to WorldCity as it embarks on its third decade of serving the executive community in South Florida. It’s a first-class forum for networking, experience sharing, and friendships. I thoroughly enjoy our round tables, and diversity of thought. Here's to many more years of success."


John Quelch • Dean, University of Miami Business School

"High quality opportunity for substantive networking with a carefully created peer group."


Marcelo Costa • Strategic Alliances, Neoris

“NEORIS is proud to be a member of WorldCity. My experience attending Global Connections has been rewarding and invaluable. A fantastic networking event with like-minded executives in South Florida.”


Juan Pablo Jimenez • VP Latin America & Caribbean, Citrix Systems

The CEO Club "allows you to interact with executives from multiple industries where you not only learn about trends... but the challenges we face and ways we are solving them. All like minds together benefit from each other. This has opened new horizons. I can say that the CEO CLUB has strengthened my role as a Citrix Latin America VP and most importantly I have made large numbers of friends."