AA’s Carlos Hernandez joins WorldCity advisory board


American Airlines’ Carlos Hernandez will work with fellow board members Zulay Ciffoni of Canon and Laura Quevedo of Diageo

WorldCity announced today that is has appointed Ameriacn Airlines’ Carlos Hernandez to serve as one of the first three members of HR Connections Advisory Board.

At the same time, WorldCity accounced it has appointed two other members to the HR Connections Advisory Board, Laura Quevedo of Diageo and Zulay Ciffoni of Canon, as well as three members to the new advisory boards for the CEO Club, Government Affairs Connections and Marketing Connections.

Hernandez and the other 11 board members will be responsible for overseeing the growth and projection of their specific event series, all relatively new, and in helping WorldCity create the first “Best Practices Manual” for multinationals, with a heavy emphasis on Latin America.

“From the first meeting he attended, Carlos showed he would add value to the other members of the human resources community,” said WorldCity President Ken Roberts. “We look forward to his input and his insights as we work to build upon the early success of the HR Connections event series.

“I believe the best practives manual will be immeasurably improved by Carlos’ efforts, if for no other reason than he represents the dominant airline in the Miami market. WorldCity’s slogan is that our multinational executives take a plane to work, not a car, and AA knows this as well as anyone.”

HR Connections is held six times per year and open to anyone overseeing human resourcesfor a multinational with either South Florida operations or an interest in Latin America. The sponsor is the University of Miami School of Business Administration.

The advisory board members for the CEO Club, which is also held six times per year for the top person at each of the roughly 1,100 multinationals in South Florida, will be Liz Alicea-Velez of Western Union, James Hogan of Medtronic and Henry Martinez of Discovery.

As is the case with most of the board members, the three oversee Latin America and, in some cases, have additional responsibilities.

The three board members for Government Affairs Connections, which is open to public policy officials at South Florida multinationals, are Don Johnson of FedEx, Rafael Jaen Williamson of Chevron and Malvina Longoria of MasterCard.

The three board members for Marketing Connections, open to top marketing officials with the South Florida-based multinationals, are Cesar Sebrosa of Ole/A&E, Roberto Ricossa or Nortel and Bertha Merikanskas of LAN. Both meet every other month, as do the CEO Club and Government Affairs Connections.