Western Union: The re-imagine from within

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 1, 2016

It’s been a long time since the digital world moved from the economy’s periphery to its center. Even companies with long-established business models are folding online commerce and social media into operations. Some, like Western Union, view tech not as a threat but as a tool  to increase its customer base and build a more…

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Engaging employees, as the pace of change quickens in the workplace

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 22, 2016

Change is coming, be it transforming workplace culture to meet millennials’ expectations, or readying employees to ride out a turbulent period. HR professionals are key in helping managers navigate transformations; keeping employees positive and motivated in the face of an uncertain future. That was the message from Ariel Regatky, managing director and head of talent…

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Starbucks’ secret ingredient is its people

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 5, 2016

Everybody can agree, Starbucks brews and sells coffee. Yet while beverages, pastries and other delicacies are its prime products, Isabel Montes, Starbucks’ human resources manager for Latin America, draws a distinction that goes a long way to explain the coffeehouse behemoth’s success. “We are not about coffee,” Montes said. “We are about people serving other…

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Changing corporate culture: Novartis Pharmaceuticals

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 14, 2016

“Let’s work on your obituary,” the coach said. “What would your wife say about you? What would your kids say about you? What would your friends say?” The coach was speaking at a retreat in the mountains of Chile, working with top executives on ways to bring a greater sense of purpose to their lives…

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Diversity: How developmentally-disabled employees help business

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 7, 2016

There’s more to hiring people with intellectual disabilities than an act of social responsibility. Those employees often become stellar workers and office assets. That was the message from Horace Porrás, vice president of Human Resources for American Tower Corporation Latin America, at WorldCity’s HR Connections held Jan. 22, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables. “I want everyone to think broadly…

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HR challenges: Nurturing high-potentials, engaging high-performers

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 14, 2015

Human resource professionals face a challenge trying to nurture high-potential employees for future leadership roles, while also retaining high-performers who can’t or don’t want to move up the ranks. Even using the popular Nine-Box tool – which rates employees low, medium and high on potential and on performance – has its limitations to assess employees…

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How HR differs at private vs. public companies

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 23, 2015

 Martin Fischetti did something curious after two decades as a human resources executive with DuPont, Telefonica and Cemex’s subsidiary Neoris. He went to work for a private, family-owned business. And while his decision to join the Miami-based Cisneros Group of Companies was curious, that’s not what struck some attendees at WorldCity’s HR Connections event on…

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Hiring talent for tech-oriented companies: Get creative

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 23, 2015

These are challenging times to hire talent for tech-oriented companies in the Americas. Business is growing fast, and competition is stiff for employees who can be agile in a quickly changing marketplace. Mariana Ortiz de Zarate, pictured above, knows the challenge. Her job this year includes hiring about two people per week for Rockwell Automation’s…

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HR Americas: Total Rewards, Big Data, social media and the changing role of HR

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 15, 2014

 The practice of human resources is changing quickly, and HR leaders today must be more business-oriented and show corporate chiefs how HR programs contribute to profits and strategic goals. HR departments also must mobilize new technologies to boost their effectiveness, from promoting jobs on Twitter to offering online training that can engage employees in fun…

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