How senior leaders see HR: Clorox, UPS, Accenture at HR Americas

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 15, 2014

Ask senior executives what they expect from their HR departments these days, and the list is long: Compensation and benefits. Employee engagement surveys. Planning. Learning and development. Organizational design. Total rewards. Branding. Communications. And input on profits and losses. Why such far-reaching requirements? “HR wasn’t sitting at the table before. Now, it is,” summed up…

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Bringing new hires on-board: How L’Oreal changed its approach

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 9, 2014

  How companies bring in new hires influences whether employees stay and ultimately, the costs for recruiting and employee turnover. That explains why cosmetics maker L’Oreal developed a comprehensive “on-boarding” system to help new hires acclimate. Its “Follow-Up and Integration Track (FIT)” program lasts 18 to 24 months and runs from mentoring to ensuring that employees…

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Tiffany & Co. goes global: The impact on HR

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 22, 2014

 After more than a century focused on sales in the United States, luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. is shifting its strategy to prioritize consumers in a global marketplace. That means reorganizing the company: developing divisions based on world regions, hiring internationally-minded staff, researching consumer preferences in different countries and many other changes that affect the…

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Innovation: The changing role of the human resources executive

By WorldCity Staff | May 27, 2014

The role of the human resource executive is changing – and at an ever quickening pace. HR leaders are being asked to do more, generally with less resources. They’re focusing more on business strategy and the bottom line. And they’re working more directly with other departments, for example, helping marketers to brand companies as a…

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Innovation in HR: How Citi does it

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 23, 2014

Citigroup Latin America had a vexing problem not uncommon to most companies. While 60 percent of its workforce of 27,000 people were women, only 15 percent of the top managers were female. Its innovative solution was an email. “Are you the proud parent of a future woman leader?,” it asked its employees. The email anecdote…

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How Starbucks reinforces its culture of service, HR style

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 24, 2014

Starbucks Coffee Co. is so committed to developing a culture of “legendary service” that it even hired a cultural anthropologist, Barbara Perry, to help strengthen its foundations for customer care. The company bases its culture on training and motivating employees, known as “partners.” It entrusts its human resources department as the “guardian” of the culture…

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HR Americas: Trends, tips and discussion on managing talent in the Americas

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 16, 2013

::cck::5916::/cck::   To effectively manage human resources in  the Americas, watch out for tax issues, legal requirements, currency controls and cultural differences between countries and between generations. Brazil, for example, will charge income tax on all payments made by a Brazilian entity – even if a worker is on assignment in another nation. Mexico has…

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Leadership: How to foster collaborative, agile executives

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 2, 2013

::cck::469::/cck:: Forget command and control. Leadership in corporations today requires a more collaborative style.Leaders now must adapt to ever faster change. They must respond to input from ever more informed consumers, employees and communities. And they must foster new leaders to ensure a healthy future for their organizations. Senior HR Executive Sara Baker of Citrix…

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Corporate challenge: How to structure Latin American regional operations

By WorldCity Staff | Aug 22, 2013

With economies surging in Latin America, multinationals in the region face some tough challenges: How to structure their growing operations and how to find enough talent for the expanding business. Those were among topics discussed at WorldCity’s HR Connections July 19 in a session led by Renata Serafini, human resources manager at Electrolux Major Appliances Latin…

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