A merger takes flight: The LAN and TAM merger from an HR perspective

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 4, 2013

The challenges of bringing together two large companies are endless. Just ask Debbie Hernandez, a veteran at LAN Airlines and vice president of Human Resources and Administration at the merged airline created when LAN merged with TAM. How HR executives manage the integration process begins long before a deal is finalized, she said at WorldCity’s…

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Work-life balance: European Institute for Social Capital offers company certification

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 10, 2013

Achieving work-life balance is a tough challenge, but certification for company programs may help. A certification by the European Institute of Social Capital was the centerpiece of talks at WorldCity’s HR Connections meeting March 8. Executives from Siemens, Novartis and Microsoft discussed how the Institute’s work-life balance certification is helping their operations. Participants said the…

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Microsoft, Yahoo HR directors, others lament costly salaries in Brazil

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 25, 2013

In 2013, get ready to pay more to hire multinational executives in key Latin American nations. The surge in pay for top managers in Brazil should level off, but salaries likely will keep rising for top managers in Colombia and Peru and for manufacturing chiefs in Mexico. Those were among the trends outlined by two managing directors of retained executive…

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Simplifying software usage anything but simple, Hellmann’s Finneran, others agree

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 24, 2012

It makes sense in theory: To simplify operations, combine all the software systems needed to manage a global company into one application. Hellmann Global Logistics’ Ken Finneran talked about the complexities of software integration for multinational companies. (Photos: Carlos Miller) But in practice, paring down software applications to just three or four in just the…

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How coaching can help overcome diversity challenges

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 18, 2012

Consultant Ernie Turner listens as Bupa Latin America’s Kiomara Hidalgo makes a poin. (PHOTO: Carlos Miller) It’s a common challenge that executives face: how to build an effective team among managers that often live or grew up in different countries and see the world through different cultural lenses. Coaching can help, according to Ernie Turner,…

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Human resources heads from Novartis, Intcomex discuss driving engagement, loyalty

By WorldCity Staff | May 24, 2012

Hiring and retaining the best talent is only a piece of the puzzle for human resources directors in Latin America. More important is showing executives how having vibrant human resources functions that generate loyalty among employees that could be spread out across a region can directly benefit a business’ bottom line. The main challenge in…

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Human resources heads for Bacardi, Visa talk changing trends in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 24, 2012

Human resources executives at multinationals’ South Florida outposts say they’re planning to hire in 2012, but business isn’t quite yet back to normal and many are focused on what they can to do get new employees up to speed as quickly as possible and hold onto them as long as they can. “While we’re striving…

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Novartis talks about revamping career development programs to expand in Latin America, China and beyond

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 14, 2011

Identifying and preparing key talent for leadership roles remains a key concern for companies with operations around globe, and particularly those looking to grow in Latin America markets like Russia, India and China. Marcelo Fumasoni, vice president and head of human resource for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Latin America and Canada, described how the company overhauled…

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Companies continue to look for best human resources strategies in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 15, 2011

Multinational companies continue to explore how to best structure their businesses and employees in Latin America as they continue to look for ways to capitalize on the myriad opportunities throughout the region. Despite the region’s impressive growth, there’s no model formula for success and many firms are still searching for what works best for their…

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