‘Right-sourcing’ requires patience, skill, says AA’s Hernandez

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 26, 2011

Human resources managers face tough decisions on when to hire staff directly or when to use outside contractors. Getting it right can mean big savings and more efficient use of workers. But getting it wrong can mean lawsuits, hefty payouts and a tarnished brand image. Carlos Hernandez, managing director for international human resources for American…

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For Diageo’s Foreman, managing change means avoiding ‘awful-izing,’ much more

By WorldCity Staff | May 26, 2011

Managing change is tough, but some pointers can help: Communicate the benefits early and clearly. Get top executives to champion the cause. And follow through long-term to make sure change sticks. Jennifer Foreman, a human resources professional with global spirit company Diageo, shared those tips and led discussion on change management at WorldCity’s HR Connections…

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For Visa, the idea is moving beyond diversity to inclusion

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 26, 2011

Inclusive diversity at the workplace goes far beyond quotas for minorities. It means finding ways for people with different mindsets to work together productively to make a business more competitive. For example, a workplace where younger employees have little input would lose out on finding new ways to sell to the youth market, where potential…

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Cisco’s Martin talks of tomorrow’s employees, the ‘Digital Natives’

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 21, 2011

Technology is transforming the way we approach work, and today’s youth raised with Facebook, Twitter and other social media will need different incentives to be motivated on the job in years to come. The generation known as “Digital Natives,” born after 1995, is being defined by global awareness, social responsibility and its sense that “life…

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Club Med re-orienting staff to older clientele looking to be pampered

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 6, 2010

Club Med is remaking itself as an upscale resort chain, and that means a new emphasis on employee training, with managers taking a lead role in skill-building and rewarded on how their staff performs. Club Med’s Howard McCarley oversees human resources for North America and the Caribbean Howard McCarley, director of human resources for Club…

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Danone provides Latin America with great latitude as means to grow rapidly

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 22, 2010

Danone’s Hernan Valcarce surprised some HR directors by indicating the company’s desire to work with unions. With its Latin American business growing at double-digit rates yearly, French food and beverage group Danone offers a case study in how to hire and promote staff and organize expanding operations. It generally leaves control up to managers in…

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HR directors eyeing costs, benefits associated with ex-pats

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 26, 2010

LAN Airline’s Deborah Hernandez led the discussion of issues related to ex-pats. Managing expatriates in a global company brings challenges large and small, from whether to guarantee them a position when they return home to whether to pay for their nanny to join them abroad. At LAN airlines, the company offers tax counseling, relocation services,…

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Microsoft Latin America tries to offer flexibility for work-life balance

By WorldCity Staff | May 26, 2010

Microsoft’s Emre Memecan talked about the company’s efforts to help with work-life balance It’s no easy task for companies to encourage work-life balance for their employees: Different people define balance in separate ways. Perceptions of balance vary by country and region. And policies may differ for staff with tasks that can be done from outside…

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Burger King HR director Acosta has whopper of job keeping execs happy

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 12, 2010

Lazaro Acosta is the director of Human Resources for Burger King’s Latin America operations Making a Whopper may be similar around the world, but staffing across borders is no routine task. Burger King, like most multinationals, grapples with relocating managers and their families, language issues, differing expectations on compensation and even questions about which car…

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