Daniel Price

Daniel Price in an innovator. He has authored/coauthored eight patents, served as Director of Electrical Engineering for MotorCrane (world’s largest manufacturer/supplier of portable car-mounted camera cranes) and held the post of Chief Technology Officer at Dascena (front line hospital technology fighting sepsis and saving lives).

Price is CEO and co-founder of Breadware, a company with a mission to increase access to, and reduce risk of, building  connected products. He has experience across the spectrum from product development, deployment, R & D to manufacturing.

He is a Rhodes scholar and holds an MBA & Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Oxford University. His undergraduate was completed at UC Berkely where he graduated summa cum laude with BS degree in Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Daniel is based out of Reno, NV with his wife and dog. When not connected he enjoys snowboarding, hiking and climbing.