HR Americas Conference 2017: Memorable Quotes and Presentations

Adding value to your company through human resources was a constant theme, as WorldCity held its 5th annual HR Americas Conference last week, with attendees coming from both South Florida and Latin America.

Here were some of the memorable quotes from keynote speaker Dave Ulrich, “the father of modern human resources” and partner at the RBL Group, as well as quotes and presentations from other speakers:

Dave Ulrich, “The Father of Modern Human Resources” & Partner at RBL Group

“Why people work has not changed for centuries. How people work has.”

“Who’s (human resources’) customer? The business, not employees.”

“Culture wins the game. Talent gets you in the game.”

“Top performers should publicly behave like they’re committed to the company.”

“Part of leadership is having the difficult conversations.”

“We want leaders with very, very high self-awareness,” and an ability to navigate parodox.



Peter Vanham, Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum & Author of  Before I was CEO

“The best way not to become CEO is to think about how to become CEO.”

CQ (cultural quotient), not IQ, is “crucial to be a CEO of a multinational company”.

“Are you going to be happy after you’re CEO?”



CEO Insights: How HR Can Drive Innovation and Change

From left to right: Clorox Sr. VP Michael Costello, Boston Scientific VP & GM Mauricio Ortiz, Intelsat Regional VP Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu, and Ferring Pharmaceuticals VP Edvard Philipson


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Bram Lowsky, Group Executive Vice President for the Americas at Right Management

Learnability and the Skills Revolution – Click Here to Dowload the PDF



Samir Mehta, Digital Learning Products Manager

at the Center for Creative Leadership

“Boss support is critical in learning.”

Learning and Development: How Technology is Changing the Game – Click Here to View the Presentation and More


Ismael Cala, Thought Leader, Cala Enterprises

“When you forget to be human, you forget to be humane…Re-title HR ‘Humane Relations’.”

A sincere thank you to our sponsors for helping make this event possible:

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